Happy Wheels – Play Online Full Version

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Up = Accelerate rnDown = Brake rnRight/Left = Lean Forward/Backrn Z = EjectrnSpace = Primary Action rnCtrl/Shift = Secondary Actions

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Happy Wheels – Play Online Full Version

Happy wheels Unblocked Play Online Full Version

Happy Wheels – Adventure Game is one of the Adventure Game. Here you can play all the versions of Adventure Games free and online.

Happy Wheels

How to play Happy Wheels

A homeless-looking dude in a wheelchair. An irresponsible dad on a bike—with his kid on the back. A very large lady on one of those scooters for the elderly. These are some of the characters you can race each level. Your goal is to guide them to the finish line alive, as fast as you can…which might be more difficult than you think.

  • Up = Accelerate
  • Down = Brake
  • Right/Left = Lean Forward/Back
  • Z = Eject
  • Space = Primary Action
  • Ctrl/Shift = Secondary Actions

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